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Blog is up!! Check it out from this link or find it at the sitemap. EVEN MORE big site updates coming later this year!


Sitemap is up!! I had to go through and change a bunch of links accordingly - it was pretty tedious, but hey, its purpose is to make sure I never have to do it again!

Right now there's not much on it - just a little teaser of what's to come. I promised big projects for this site in January, and I fully intend to deliver!

I've also revamped the list and sorted the comics by genre now instead of alphabetically - I think this should help people find what they're interested in much more easily. If you preferred the alphabetical order, no worries, it's still listed alphabetically on All.

More coming soon! Much more! See you then!


In the process orgb(250, 249, 243)vamping some important pages atm - careful wandering around the site, some links may lead to pages not fully integrated with all the other links yet.


Big project in the works for this site! Multiple big projects, even. I'm juggling a lot of things in life right now, so no promises on when they'll be done, but I can promise I'll have a whole slew of new write-ups to accompany them once they are!



More write-ups coming eventually, the holidays have just been a bit busy for me. Hope you all spent quality time with the people important to you!



Sadly my neighborhood doesn't get many trick-or-treaters. No parties I can go to either. Sad! I wrote a poem for a halloween contest on a linguistics server I'm part of, though, so can't say I did nothing at least.

Here's hoping your over-commercialized, westernized version of Samhain is more exiciting than mine!



THE RSS FEED IS UP!! Thank you so much to Devastatia for building the generator!


I am back!! From visiting my family and not having internet for several weeks.

Unfortunately the RSS feed is still broken. I have no idea why but I do have some people I can ask for help. It just might take a while, I dunno.

Also I have been doing a terrible job of checking my e-mail. Sorry. I need to have it as... a perpetually open tab or something, or I'm never gonna remember.

More webcomic write-ups coming soon.


The RSS feed appears to not be working, at least for me. I'll do some experimenting/research later to try and figure out why, but in the meantime, but just be aware that the both the shrine and webcomic RSS links are duds.


The site revamp is done!!!!!!! Big thanks to Sadness for the flexbox tutorials and I-330 for taking the time to look over my code. I feel like I've graduated from "barely choking back tears when looking at it" to "almost tolerable". At this rate I might hit "begrudgingly acceptable" by the end of summer!

So what's new? Well, due to the changes, Idelides is now viewable in all screen resolutions, no issues, including mobile devices! I dunno why anyone would browse neocities on a phone tbh, but it's there for those that do!

I've also swapped out some gallery images, tweaked the layout of pages like the Shrine, expanded a lot of my previous write-ups I wasn't satisfied with, and added a few new features such as a chatbox for the homepage and comment sections for each of my write-ups. I've also added my contact information to the about page.

You might notice the removal of the Honrable Mentions page - There's a couple reasons I decided to shelve it for now, but the biggest is that it had started to feel like a chore. I began adding comics there that I thought other people would like, but that I didn't like and didn't have much to say about because I hadn't read them all the way through. I might bring it back one day but it would have to be in a completely different form.

Now onto the big new toy: the RSS feed. Click it and you'll be updated whenever I add a new comic to the list! I am VERY inexperienced with this sort of thing so if you run into any technical issues PLEASE let me know either by leaving a comment or shooting me an e-mail. Admittedly I've been notoriously bad about checking my e-mail in the past but I'm determined to turn over a new leaf this time.

That's about it! I hope everyone enjoys the new features.


Code cleanup underway! casual browsers ye be warned


Prepare for a css revamp sometime in the near future - don't worry, it's not gonna be anything too major, but there's some pressing issues with the code I've felt I really need to take care of for a while now.

The main reason I haven't been able to get a mobile version working, and the reason why the site's been so buggy on lower resolution monitors, is because of the sloppy way I've set up the image galleries and css elements. And there's some stuff I just can't seem to figure out - one of the most annoying ones is that on lower resolutions, the sixth image on any given page of my list will shift all the way to the right instead of shifting to the left. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm completely baffled as to why it's doing this. However, my planned revamp should make this no longer a problem.

Another thing I want to do is enable comments below each of my write-ups - the spaghetti code has mostly prevented me from doing this so far.

There's also a bunch of new features I want to add: a chatbox on the home page, an rss feed, and more. I'm gonna be testing stuff on unlisted webpages for the time being to get a sense of how the final product might look.


Thinking it over... I've decided to drop the "gallery" portions of the shrine. I came to this decision after setting up Sasha's gallery, which was a real pain to get the dimensions of all the images correct and find sources for as many as I could. Yet after it was finished I looked through it, and I suddenly realized - why on earth would anyone want to look at a small collection of low-res fanart images when they could find the same images in way higher quality elsewhere, along with literally thousands of others?

So I'm just gonna limit the shrine to a single page for now. I don't think too many people are gonna be disappointed by that.


I guess the shrine's fleshed out enough now for me to post about it here... It is NOT complete though, I still have a bunch more characters I want to add in and loads of gallery images to set up, and even after I finish with all the ones I currently have, I'll definitely continue to add more images and characters over time. This doesn't necessarily mean that all images current in the galleries are final, though - I haven't fully settled on what kind of stuff I want there (e.g. should I add only really beautiful fanart, or include doodles that made me laugh?), so it's gonna be a bit unstable for now.

With the shrine, the last major area of this site that was still left blank, now has something to it! I'm actually quite happy with how it's turning out, I knew I wanted some sort of a shrine since the start but I was at a loss as to what I should actually theme it around. If Flonne happens to come across my site and reads this, thanks for the inspiration!




It just occurred to me that it might not be entirely obvious to a casual browser that the gallery images in the list can be clicked on. So I added that info in the headbar. More webcomics coming soon! I'm also gonna start adding updates to the Honorable Mentions list in the update log.


The big css revamp is done!!! It was a lot of work (a lot) but even though probably not too much changed for the average person stumbling across my corner of the web, the code is now LOADS cleaner and way easier for me to navigate. I got the external style sheet going, for one - now I don't have to go back and edit every single webpage each time I make a css change! Why didn't I use it in the first place? Well, I was so new to front-end coding that I didn't know what it actually did. But now I do, and my life is better for it.

Now although I said not too much has changed for the average visitor, people with low-res monitors are probably gonna be very thankful for this change. I didn't realize how screwed up the css looked for people with older computers/smaller screens until I actually used one myself. It should look actually presentable and roughly the same as it is for people with regular screens now. Still no mobile version though, sorry. I was gonna make one but so far the best way I've found to cache refresh on my phone involves fiddling with airplane mode. The thought of doing that every single time I want to check if my code is working is soul-draining. So still no mobile version for now, but maybe one day in the future. It should be a lot easier to do it now that I have the external css running smoothly.

Next site update... I dunno! I have some new ideas for the shrine, but nothing concrete yet. Keep an eye out, though.




Finally finally FINALLY added the neocities button. It's linked in Webring - Now you can add it to your site whenever you want! This marks the fulfillment of everything I promised in my list of "coming soon" features way back when. (except for the expanded shrine, but I'm gonna need some more thought on how I want to handle that.)

In other news I had a rather annoying scare because the uploader for the kenichiro isoda album deleted the video but fortunately I found a backup. I hope the homepage didn't have that error message displayed for too long before I noticed that the video was missing.

Next big site update is gonna be kinda stealthy, just me organizing my dashboard files and making the currently messy code a lot neater so that it's easier for me in the future (and so that the css doesn't implode on alternate screen resolutions like it currently does). Included with fixing up the messy code is gonna be something major - making it so that the site displays the same regardless of what size monitor you have! I was really confused as to why the site screenshots looked so screwed up in all the thumbnails on neocities proper, so this should fix that.


I've been rethinking a bit about what criteria I'm using for adding comics to the list vs. putting them in honorable mentions. The way I see it, honorable mentions, aside from being storage for incomplete comics, is a place where I put comics that I had something to say about, but that I'm not super invested in. Why make a seperate list for these comics? Because I'm not paying attention to them. If they go in or out of haitus, I won't know. If one of them pulls a Sinfest and the author goes insane, I won't know. That means information I put on the list could end up being inaccurate without my knowing about it. So basically, any comic I put on the list that isn't completed has to be on my RSS feed.

I've also decided that my limit for determining whether a comic is "Incomplete" vs "On Indefinite Haitus" is about six months of not hearing anything from the author. Some exceptions apply - patience is necessary if you're a webcomics enthusiast, and of course I'll put a comic back on the list if it starts regularly updating again afterwards, but I'd have to know that it's updating again, and I'd have to have some reason to believe that the artist isn't gonna go MIA again at some point.


I'mr probably gonna drop the Idelides comic I was gonna make for the shrine. It just felt kinda awkward to me and a lot of work for something I wasn't even enthusiastic about. I think instead what I'll do is make a sort of infograph or codex for Idelides with illustrations to spice up the descriptions. If I do decide to make an actual comic for the shrine later, I want it to be for a short story that I think is worth telling, instead of one that makes me think "eeeeeh, good enough" when I look back at it.

Of course I will continue adding new webcomics to the list as I read them. Since the page is getting kinda picture-heavy, I'll add some page numbers, cause aside from the annoyance of having to watch every single picture load in, I'm not a fan of that infinite scrolling trend going on these days. Eventually, I also want a section for webcomics that I thought had too many problems to be included in the list, but which I still found interesting and worth talking about. It'll be titled "Comics without my personal seal of approval" or something like that. (Not really, I'll come up with a better title)


The shrine is up and running! Still got a looooot of work to do with the information section, many more pages to come, and doubtless some of the earlier ones might end up getting redrawn at some point down the line as I practice drawing a bit more. But at least it's functional. The basics are covered, and anyone who clicks on the shrine will get at least something in return for their time.


The Webcomics List is finally done! No worries though, there'll be a whole galaxy of others coming in the future - These are just the ones I both remember well and felt supremely confident recommending. New ones will be added as I finish reading them. Next up I'm gonna be working on the Shrine, since that's the last major area of the site left completely unfinished.

Other features coming soon include:

>more css improvements
>site FAQ
>site banner/button
>expanded webring
>list of webcomics that I'm interested in, but haven't read yet
>even more webcomics

>New Blog post


>Added "Serpent-dipity" to the list


>New Blog post


>Re-Added "Fallen Star" to the list


>Added "House Oriyon" and "Lancer: The Knights of Fenris" to the list
>Removed "xkcd" from the list


>Removed "O Sarilho" from the list


>New Blog post


>Re-added "Tails Gets Trolled" to the list
>Added "Confetti Cookies" to the list


>Removed "Tigress Queen" from the list
>New Blog post


>Added "Senter" to the list


>Added "Beach Wzrd", "Demon Eater", "Red Summer", and "Lab Bunny" to the list


>Removed "Tails Gets Trolled" and "The Boy Who Fell" from the list
>Added Blog


>Added Sitemap


>Added "Suspense" and "Misc." tag
>Removed "Cape" tag
>Revamped Webcomics page (WIP)
>Removed "Fallen Star", "From Earth in Peace" and "Stung by Love" from the list


>Added "Black Peak" to the list


>Added "City of Cards" to the list


>Revamped Webring page


>Added "Daniel" to the list


>Added "Numb" to the list


>Added "The End", "Between the Branches", and "Bad Witches" to the list


>Added "Now Recharging" to the list


>Added "O Sarilho" to the list


>Added "Serenity Rose", "Sad-ako", "Bunny Girl & the Cult", and "Barbarous" to the list


>Added "Parallax" to the list


>Added "Angel's Orchard" to the list


>Added "Pink Lemonade" to the list
>Removed "Parisa" from the List


>Added "ZomCom" to the list


>Added RSS feed
>Added "A Quartz Bead" to the list


>Added What's-Her-Face's shrine


>Added Katyusha's shrine


>Added "Vattu" to the list


>Added "Runners" to the list


>Added "Sunmoth" to the list


>Added "Fallen Star" to the list


>Added "Sithrah" to the list
>Added Jahy's shrine


>Minor css adjustments


>Site revamp
>Added RSS feed
>Added Chatbox
>Added Comments
>Removed "Honorable Mentions" page
>Removed "Atomic Robo" from the list
>Removed "Gone With the Blastwave" from the list
>Removed "The Hunter of Insania" from the list


>Added "Class 1-9" to the list
>Added "The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn" to Honorable Mentions


>Updated Webring
>Added "The Powerpuff Girls: Ascension" to Honorable Mentions


>Added "E-Depth Angel" to the list
>Added "Romantically Apocalyptic" to Honorable Mentions


>Updated Webring
>Added "Wayrift" to Honorable Mentions


>Added "The Hunter of Insania", "Ventura City Drifters", "Minus!", and "The 3 Little Princesses" to the list
>Added "Dolmistaka" to Honorable Mentions


>Added "Area 9" and "UwU is Dead" to the list
>Added "Monster Pulse" to Honorable Mentions


>Added "933 Dollars" and "Serendipity" to the list
>Updated Links
>Updated Webring


>Added Erza Scarlet's shrine
>Updated Webring


>Added Cirno's shrine
>Updated Webring


>Added Tetra's shrine
>Added "Witch Ward" to the list


>Added Izutsumi's shrine
>Added "Lotta Svärd - Women of War" to Honorable Mentions


>Added Kino's shrine
>Edited Toph, Daisy, and Sasha's shrines


>Removed all Galleries
>Added May's shrine and Shantae's shrine
>Updated Webring


>Added Shrine
>Added Toph Beifong's, Princess Daisy's, Sasha Waybright's, Bea's, and Konata Izumi's Shrines
>Added Toph Beifong's Gallery, Princess Daisy's Gallery, and Sasha Waybright's Gallery


>Webring updates


>Webring updates
>Links updates


>Webring updates
>Links updates


>Webring updates
>Links updates
>Added "From Earth in Peace" to the list


>Webring updates
>Links updates


>Webring updates
>Added Links page
>Added "164 Days" to Honorable Mentions


>Added "Unlucky is as Lucky Does" to the list
>Added "Mare Internum" and "The End" to Honorable Mentions


>Minor css update
>New entry in "Honorable Mentions"


>Major css and html overhaul
>Removed "[un]Divine" from the list
>Re-Added "Doe of Deadwood Forest" and "Sunshine Boy" to the list


>Added "Hark, a Vagrant!" and "Just Pancakes" to the list
>Re-added "Emmy the Robot" to the list


>Added Idelides site button


>Added "Pelen Purul" to the list


>Added "xkcd", "Yellow Lion", "Zelda's Lullaby", and "Quarter Circle" to the list


>Added "Tigress Queen" and "Snarlbear" to the list


>Added "Skullkickers", "Lost Nightmare" and "Let's Speak English" to the list


>Added "Pandemonium Wizard Village" to the list


>Added "Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury", "Renata Tate: Goddess for Hire", "Ophiucus", and "Stick in the Mud" to the list
>Removed "Mannaz" rune


>Added "Raruurien" to the list
>Removed "Doe of Deadwood Forest", "Emmy the Robot", and "Sunshine Boy" from the list


>Added "A Ghost Story" and "Bybloemen" to the list


>Removed "Alethia", "Awaken", and "Freefall" from the list


>Removed "Folklore" from the list


>Added "Sunshine Boy", "Folklore", and "Emmy the Robot" to the list
>Added Honorable Mentions page
>Added "Mannaz" to the list of runes


>Added "Hell Fists" and "Heroes of Thantopolis" to the list


>Added "Parisa", "Detox Camp", "Phantomarine", "Doe of Deadwood Forest", "No Need for Bushido", "Cat Girl", "GunRiot", "Order of the Stick", "Silicon Buddies", and "Tiger, Tiger" to the list
>Added page list for webcomics
>Added "Historical Fiction" to the list of genre tags


>Added "The Boy Who Fell" to the list
>Removed "Scoob and Shag" from the list


>Minor Webring updates


>Added Idelides gifypet to the Shrine
>Added page 1 of the Idelides comic to the Shrine


>Added "Stung By Love", "Tails Gets Trolled", "The Bikini Bottom Horror", and "The Property of Hate" to the list
>Added "Romance" to the list of Genre tags
>Reworked the "Announcements" section in About: News.


>Added "Out-of-Placers", "Scoob and Shag", "Seed", "Skadi", "Squires for Hire", "Stand Still Stay Silent", and "Star Impact" to the list
>Added "Sports" to the list of Genre tags


>Added "It's a Hard Life", "Kochab", "Mokepon", and "Nedroid" to the list
>various css adjustments


>Added "Handplates", "Harpy Gee", "Hello From Halo Head", and "It Hurts!!" to the list


>Added "Freefall", "Gone with the Blastwave", "Gramfel", and "Gunshow" to the list
>various css adjustments


>Added Webcomic Info page
>Added Genre tag
>Revamped the rating system
>Added "Demon's Mirror" to the list
>various css adjustments


>Started work on fleshing out the About tab. Added News feed and About: Home, as well as the html pages for the shrine and comic info.
>Added "Back", "Beyond the Western Deep", and "Camp Weedonwantcha" to the list
>various css adjustments