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Webcomic Info
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Abandoned and unfinished webcomics are something you just have to deal with in this medium. That’s why I’ve put info about how frequently these comics update right below the link to their homepages. I’ve also taken the liberty of NOT including any incomplete comics on my list. If any comics currently on the list later become abandoned, they'll get purged. I define "abandoned" as "going 1 year without hearing anything from the author".

Complete - A finished comic.

Ongoing - A comic that updates regularly, on a set schedule.

Sporadic - A comic that updates rarely and/or doesn’t update on a set schedule.

On Haitus - A comic that isn’t currently updating, but will definitely update again in the future.

On Indefinite Haitus - A comic that isn’t currently updating, but might still update again in the future. These comics are actively at risk of being abandoned, so discretion is advised if you want to read them.


If the picture and the brief 1-2 sentence summary under it isn’t enough to give an idea of what the comic’s about, this should provide just enough info for you to at least guess if it’s something you’d be interested in. A given comic may fall into more than one genre, but I'm gonna throw it in the category I think it most embodies. For example, "Just Pancakes" is a comedy set in a bizarre fantasy world, but the focus is on the comedy over the fantasy, so it gets placed in "Comedy".

Fantasy - Comics featuring fantastical or magical elements in an equally fantastical or magical world.

Urban Fantasy - Comics featuring fantastical or magical elements in an otherwise mundane world. (Usually the modern day)

Sci-Fi - Comics that take place in the future or involve themes associated with futuristic concepts such as space travel.

Comedy - Comics where jokes and humorous elements are the main focus.

Suspense - Comics focused around provoking feelings of anticipation, anxiety, and apprehension.

Slice-of-Life - Comics focused around day-to-day happenings with no clear central plot or a central plot that exists mostly in the background.

Historical Fiction - Comics about a historical time period.

Romance - Comics with a primary emphasis on romantic relationships.

Action - Comics with a focus on fight sequences, typically intended for a male audience.

Magical Girl - Comics featuring a girl with magical powers whose mission is to improve the lives of others through fighting monsters or coming to live with a male protagonist. Typically intended for a female audience.

Post-Apocalyptic - Comics taking place after an apocalyptic event of some sort.

Fanfiction - Comics based off an existing IP.

Misc. - Comics that don't fit into any other category.

I didn’t want a simple good/bad rating for my list, cause most comics, you just can’t put a number on and expect it to tell the full story. The runes I’m using for my systems acts as tags more than tiers and many comics will probably fall into more than one of them. These ratings are 100% subjective and other people might have different experiences, so watch out for that!

- The highest rating I can give. These comics have highs so high, I don't care about the lows.

- Comics that I really enjoyed, but with difficulty. They all have something which sticks uncomfortably in my mind and won’t go away. Sweet roses, with sharp stems.

- These comics were emotional rollercoasters for me, where I get so invested that I can’t stop reading and actually feel exhausted afterwards. Did I like these comics? Did I dislike them? I honestly don’t know - what I do know, however, is that I’ll never forget the experience.

- This one has an easy test. If I get to the most recent strip, and I still really want to see more, it gets this rating. This can also be both a good and bad thing depending on if the comic is currently ongoing, how satisfying the ending to a completed comic was, etc.

- Comics where I’m glad I read through them once, but I probably wouldn't go back and reread them anytime soon. Alternatively, if the comic is ongoing, it means I'm not all that interested in what's gonna happen next. This might be because it didn't fully grab me, or because the ending left a lot to be desired, or any number of other reasons.

- Comics that start out incredible, but drastically lower in quality after a certain point. Reading them all the way through might make you lose some sleep at night.

- Comics that don't fit into any of the above categories. Basically, if I start thinking, "Hmm, I definitely liked this comic, but what am I actually gonna say about it?" - It gets this rating.