Angel’s Orchard has a greater focus on fleshing out the worldbuilding compared to its predecessors, which I really like because since Demon’s Mirror was an adaptation of the Snow Queen we really only got the essentials in terms of worldbuilding. Here, it cements A Better Place as the backstory to Demon’s Mirror and it works perfectly. It’s cool to see how concepts introduced by Hannah have evolved in her absence. There’s an underworld ruled by 7 demon lords constantly making alliances and backstabbing each other, a sky realm ruled by a scientific civilization of crazy machine angels, a hermit city on a mountain with a massive palace covered by a glass dome, all sorts of cool stuff.

Harry Bogosian really went all-out on the coloring, which I think is awesome, ‘cause A Better Place had pretty muted colors (when it had them at all), and Demon’s Mirror felt like he was still getting a feel for what worked and what didn’t. Here, though, the coloring really shines. It’s almost as good as Hello From Halo Head’s and it’s probably my favorite part about this comic.

I also like how Gerda’s character has evolved since Demon’s Mirror. If you thought she was bloodthirsty before, now she’s halfway to being a full-fledged Grey Knight. She reminds me a lot of Mithrun from Dungeon Meshi, who had all his desires devoured by a demon save only his desire for revenge, because the concept of hatred is anathema to a being that feeds on pleasure.

The B plot with the low-ranking demons I thought was also really compelling. The part where Cezar laments how, even though they have great potential, they don’t have anything worth aspiring to, I think carries a lot of weight and relevance to the modern world.

Easily one of my favorite fantasy comics. Give it a read! It's good!

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