This comic feels like a kind of ho-hum intro to something way more awesome. The suspense and mystery of Area 9 and Bomb's motives in attacking it all on his own is kind of undercut by how incredibly obvious the twist is. The ultra-shady institution dedicated to preventing the spread of a deadly contagion is actually responsible for its propagation. Wow. I could never have guessed.

However, towards the end it undergoes some kind of genre drift and goes from a suspense comic to a shonen. And it's a good shonen, too - the sort of thing I could see actually running in Jump. The power system, while basic, has good foundations and is very well fleshed out, with the various ways different individuals react to the viruses and the myriad of powers they can get from them allowing for tons of different possibilities in fight sequences.

I completely understand why the author wanted to limit the scope of this comic, but man, I wish this was a full shonen. It feels like she only just barely scraped the surface of what she could do with the established characters and premise.

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