Reminds me a lot of early Adventure Time. It has a sort-of episodic format where Abigail goes from town to town getting into all kinds of trouble, and the art style and humor feels very reminiscent. There's even a whole gaggle of princesses who get repeatedly captured by a crazy king. Also, I really like the main princess Emily. She's smart, she's driven, she's stubborn, she's hot-blooded, she's firey, she's a tomboy - that's a lot of positives! (According to my tastes, anyway)

Abigail is pretty cool too. A cowgirl without any real sense of purpose, who only seeks the world's destruction because... what else is she gonna do with her life? Yet she can't help but end up liking the very people she's trying to annihilate.

Every single town in this world is weirder and more dangerous than the last, and the setting changes constantly. Wild West merges into urban fantasy merges into sci-fi merges into post-apocalypse, and all along the way the constantly shifting genres are mixed with absurdist humor and incredibly fun action sequences. It defies categorization and comes off better for it.

That's all I can really say about it. If you liked early Adventure Time, you'll probably like Back.

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