It’s fun. The story isn’t anything spectacular, though. Most of the humor derives from Agnes’s selfless exuberance clashing with Babitha’s jaded, hedonistic irritation, which is fine, but I’ve never really liked these kind of ‘misunderstanding’ plotlines. Pink Lemonade did this too and I wasn’t a fan of it then, either.

The art gets the job done but isn’t particularly interesting to look at. Lots of bland palette choices like brown and grey, and it lends the comic a kind of dreary feel. Still, I’ll take this over a bland, generic anime art style any day of the week.

I think the characters are what really kept me going. Both Agnes and Babitha are real pieces of work by design, and the comic does a great job of showing how they fell into that lifestyle in the first place, which lends it a tragic element that I think works really well here.

Because of that, I think it’s just straight-up better than Witch Ward. They both have very similar settings, but where Witch Ward has a much more generic art style and a more straightforward ‘the witches are evil and they do cruel things because they get a kick out of it’ kind of vibe, here the witchs’ motivations feel a lot more concrete - they’re not cruel just cause they get a kick out of it, they do it because have an image to maintain, both to others, and to themselves.

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