Honestly, I think this comic is kinda bland. The characters are not very interesting and there isn’t much to the story. But it is set out in the woods with a bunch of nature spirits, and if you know me you know I’m all over that, so I’m begrudgingly including it on my site.

The environment is pretty rad, to be honest, I’m always on the lookout for stuff like this. It has a kinda Celtic feel and while it’s not as mystical as Doe of Deadwood Forest or mysterious as Camp Weedonwantcha, it’s a wilderness I still really got the urge to explore. There’s a great sense of freedom.

I like how the nymph changes with the seasons, like how some animals will shed their coats in the summer. Really cool environmental storytelling.

I think my biggest gripe with Between the Branches is the fox, I really didn’t like him. And the only reason I say that is because he acts nothing like a fox. Foxes are known for being very sly, clever, and mischevious, winning the battle for survival by outsmarting other more arrogant animals like humans rather than facing them in a direct fight. This fox, however, is unfailingly loyal to the nymph who saved his life, safeguards her, and is vicious in combat. You know, what most people would call a dog.

As a final note, I think what saves this comic is the lack of dialogue. The story is weak enough that I think having poorly written dialogue would have made me not want to put it on my site, but that isn’t an issue here, and I think the comic came out better for it.

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