I’m not really a huge fan of Merryweather comics. I mean, they’re… fine, I guess… certainly better than generic isekai plot #227815.

This one, however caught my eye because I thought it had kind of a cool premise. There’s not much of the exaggerated anime behavior common to other Merryweather titles and I think that counts for a lot.

The ‘bunny girl’ in question is an orphan who was abused during childhood, and while she thinks she’s found a home in the cult, in truth they’re really just exploiting her by using her sex appeal to draw in new members. And no one will help her despite knowing full well what she’s going through because the cult has friends in high places and getting involved with them is more trouble than its worth.

That’s a pretty compelling plot hook. It caught me, at least.

I think the ‘average guy’ self-insert works really well here too. His actions and internal conflict over how he should handle his interactions with the bunny girl actually feel like how a shy, unassuming ‘average guy’ would behave in this situation.

‘Believable’ is not usually how I’d describe a Merryweather comic, but ‘Bunny Girl & the Cult’ is very believable, and that’s what makes it interesting. To have such a ridiculous premise and pull off such a grounded story regardless is pretty impressive.

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