Surprisingly compelling portrayal of what life for people with aspergers is actually like. I absolutely love the colors and how effectively they portray sensations. The part where the guy is overwhelmed by loud, harsh noise and shoves the cat girl into a closet to calm down, not out of frustration towards her, but because he was in extreme pain and desperate for the noise to stop, was particularly relatable.

The premise is a little out there - Genetically engineering humans to turn them into catgirls and then selling them, even heavily regulated and requiring a ton of paperwork plus a doctor's note, is such an extreme deviation from what's currently considered socially and legally acceptable that modern society would have to undergo a complete upheaval before something like that could happen.

But if you can suspend your disbelief enough to accept the absurdity of the setting, there's a lot to love here. I enjoyed how the author did the best she could to understand 'fringe' internet communities for the sake of portraying the MC and his situation in a more compelling light, even if some of the nuances are lost on her. A ">be me" greentext in the 2020's, and posted on /b/ of all boards? The horror.

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