I have been unfortunately conditioned to ignore any comics that even allude to Korea. Webtoons and Tapas promote an overwhelming amount of boring, safe, generic isekai and romance dreck, and it's all produced using South Korean slave labor. Seeing a Korean name attached to a webcomic has come to trigger a pavlovian warning bell in my brain, as if I've adapted to instinctively notice and avoid middling self-insert feel-good content.

Something about Class 1-9 caught my eye, though. Maybe it was the uncanny artstyle, or the "Lord of the Flies" premise, or just the fact that it's NOT an isekai, but I felt myself drawn to it.

The whole fun of slasher films like Friday the 13th is seeing a bunch of obnoxious people killed horribly by an unfeeling psychopath. It preys upon the heavily repressed bloodlust of modern 'civilized' man and the secret wish of the powerless for the strength to take what they want.

What makes Class 1-9 so unusual in this regard is that which kids live and which ones die are spoiled right at the start, but as the story progresses the implications surrounding their deaths become more and more intense. It feels like the island they're stuck on and even the field trip which stranded them there carries some big secret which is gradually being unraveled bit by bit. I can't get enough of that sort of thing and it does a lot to help set this comic apart from just being "Korean Lord of the Flies". When it's finally revealed what happened on this island prior to their arrival, it just adds even more tension and drama to an already intense storyline. I loved it.

I think the ending is kinda weak. Not the worst thing ever, but slightly disappointing. Syeongjun's death in particular I thought was really dumb, he's such an awesome villain, and so crafty, and he dies by charging in like a retard to a battle he KNOWS he can't win. That's not something Seongjun would do, he'd have always looked for some clever solution to the problem and find some way to manipulate others or attack from the shadows, any dirty trick to give him an unfair advantage. I think it would have been a lot better if he had died just by falling off the cliff the chapter earlier - it was ridiculously cool when the last panel of that chapter showed him falling, but then the picture didn't have his face scribbled out, implying that he had somehow survived that and was gonna come back AGAIN to trouble the main cast at the worst possible moment. It was awesome. But after seeing how stupidly, and honestly out-of-character he acted after coming back the very next chapter... it was very disappointing, and that kind of end wasn't worthy of him. I also wish the author had shown more about the diplomatic fallout of the incident, and the reactions of the people they knew before going to the island upon their return.

But it's a perfectly serviceable ending and I can't complain too much - with a lot of webcomics, you're lucky if get an ending at all.

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