I'm a sucker for landscape drawings, and Detox Camp has some of the best landscapes I've seen. I've heard from Alaskans that living there gets in your blood, and if the state is even half as beautiful as this comic I can see why. It makes me want to move there.

The goofiness of a camp for computer addicts and the anarchic, almost paradoxical way it's run adds just enough lightheartedness to serve as effective comic relief against the omnipresent weight of the curse and the feeling of isolation. That's another thing this comic does well, it really feels like the camp is on its own, completely cut off from the outside world. The way the mountains are framed in the distance make them feel almost like prison walls, with the isthmus below serving as heavily guarded gates.

Like Camp Weedonwantcha, the mysteries of the detention center keep building as the comic goes on and each new revelation poses ever more intruiging questions. Any story that manages to pull that off successfully is gonna be among my favorites.

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