Fallen Star
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Fantasy
After the destruction of her town, a girl named Mina finds herself wrapped up in a power struggle between nations and gods in her journey across the Moonlight Kingdom.

My favorite part about Fallen Star is the environments and art direction. This is one of the most beautiful comics I've ever seen and if the writing was just a little bit better, it would be one of my all-time favorites.

Now, this isn't a badly written comic by any means. Sure, the extended intro explaining about the twin goddesses representing good and evil is kinda... meh, and sure, this is one of the most ESL-y comics I've ever read...

...but the characters are all endearing and its easy to root for them. Ryou in particular I was really drawn to, he's so kind and gentle, and there's a strange maturity to him that you don't often see with mentor characters these days. You can really feel his quiet frustration that he wasn't able to join the Warrior Hunds, and his anxiety over wondering what path he should take in life now.

Other than the environments, my favorite part of of this comic is the locations Mina visits. This is essentially a road trip comic and there are some really cool locales to see here. There's a town where everyone's afraid to go outdoors because of attacks from sentient wolves who live in the forest, there's a magic river harboring a secret path that only appears when the moon shines on it just right, which in turn leads to a sacred grove of sentient plants where weapons are forbidden, tons of cool stuff.

This comic has historically had some scares with scheduling unfortunately. It was seemingly abandoned more than once, and the author talked about having motivational struggles which is never a good sign, especially this early in a comic's run. Hopefully things turn out alright, but with webcomics, you never really know.
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