"Hark, a Vagrant" has some cool trivia - apparently it inspired that one Adventure Time episode with the horse, and a number of strips are even used in elementary schools as teaching aides. Neat as that is, in my opinion this comic has a lot more dud strips than funny strips.

Now admittedly there may be a lot of references I'm not quite getting, but the relevant info pertaining to X book or historical event is usually posted below the strip in question, and I still wasn't laughing all that hard. So much of the humor is based on a character(s) being annoying and another character getting frustrated. The strips where that formula works are slam dunks, which is why it's here and not in Honorable Mentions, but after 300 of them it really starts to feel same-y. Maybe it worked better when the comic was still running and you would only read 1 a week or however quickly they came out, but reading a bunch of them all in a row...

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