Harpy Gee feels like what a fantasy cartoon for children might be if the author had complete creative freedom. It's no Avatar, or even early Adventure Time, but it does feel like something I'd have loved to watch had it aired on nick or cartoon network back in the day. Or heck, even if it aired now.

The comic's a pleasure to look at. So many colors, so many interesting locations. It feels magical, despite the heroine ironically lacking magical prowess herself.

Harpy herself is also a great character and easily my favorite part about the comic. She seems like someone who's really easy to get along with, but also has enough inner strength to know when she's being taken advantage of, and doesn't tolerate manipulative or cruel behavior. Also, I like tomboys.

My biggest and probably only real gripe is with the festival games arc. It goes on forever, and even though it's highly relevant to the overall story, after a certain point I just wanted it to be over with. Fortunately, unlike Alethia's arc with the movie factory, which takes up more than half the comic, the festival games do eventually end, and the pacing massively improves right after. The (what looks to be) final arc of the comic, with the main cast trying to find a way to dispell the barrier over the town, is especially compelling due to how high the stakes are.

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