Normally I try to come up with my own descriptions, but in this case I just copy/pasted the description from the Webtoons page, because nothing I could come up with could ever possibly beat that teaser. Look at it. Is that not the greatest teaser ever to a webcomic, or what?

Yet as crazy as the description is, it doesn't do justice to the comic itself. It is INSANE. I still have no idea what the plot is, who any of the major characters are, or what the hell is even going on, but I don't even care. The artwork is so strange and unorthodox that just looking at it makes me feel like I've entered some kind of alternate reality. There's one page where the author uses an IMPACT FRAME and pulls it off perfectly even though no actual motion is being shown since, you know, this is a comic.

As of writing this is still a new comic, too. I can't even imagine where it will go from here, but I have all the hope for it. I hope whenever the actual plot gets explained it turns out to be just as off-the-rails as everything that's been shown so far.

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