It's nice to see something like this get funded by webtoons, they usually just do isekai and korean romance comics nowadays.

That aside, I think "Just Pancakes" gets praise for all the wrong reasons. While it's mainly focused on comedy, from chapter 2 onwards there is a lot of drama to it. Most comments I've seen take the approach "oh, I can't believe this silly food comic got such a compelling story!", but in my opinion, the comedy in Just Pancakes is way way way better than the story. Not that the story is bad, but this comic had moments that made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe, whereas even the best dramatic moments are just sort of... okay. I think part of it is that the setting and characters are so absurd it kills the mood. I mean, when Wetzel's literal soul food manifests in the form of a talking waffle and guides him through his emotional turmoil by opening all his chakras in the form of "foodgic gates"... how do you take a story like that seriously?

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