Very disappointing ending. The protagonist is basically just ejected from the story, and although it continues on in the background, his part in it has ended and he’ll never know what happened. Much like the reader.

However, I’m going to give the author credit here, because this is one of those situations where she had to end the story early for reasons beyond her control. That happens a lot with webcomics, and most of the time, the author just drops it in the middle of a scene. But Falke actually took the time and effort to give the story some sort of conclusion as best she(?) could, and I really respect that. Unlike published comics, there’s rarely any penalty for leaving a webcomic unfinished, so when an author actually tries to give closure like this even though plans have changed, I take notice.

As for the comic itself, it’s basically a magical girl plotline where the protagonist fights monsters and wears cute outfits, but with some pretty unique twists on the formula. Elfdalia is a cool region with some cool history, and I can’t say I’ve seen any kind of media set there before. It has has the quirk of being r63, and having a pretty interesting power system. I like the Matterhorns too, they have a real eldritch feel to them.

This comic is especially frustrating for me because for most of the plot, the story is just kind of… eh. None of the characters are all that compelling, and the dialogue’s kind of awkward. Yet, the twist near the end where Dan reveals he’s been manipulating Lomax the whole time, and lying about the true nature of the situation, I thought really kicked the story into high gear. It flipped the entire narrative on its head, and I was really interested to see where it was gonna lead. Unfortunately we’ll never get to see what the ramifications of it are.

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