Technically the full title of this comic is "The Mildly Inconvenient Journey of Pelen Purul" but there is no way I'm typing all that out because no one's ever gonna refer to it by all that. Even the website URL just says "Pelen Purul". So the immediate title of the comic, for all intents and purposes, is "Pelen Purul". Anyway.

I was kind of surprised at how many misspellings and grammatical mistakes there were. This isn't exactly a dialogue-heavy comic, either, so they really stand out.

The documentary style is interesting. This feels like a comic that should have a ton of supplementary material showing everything the unseen narrator or others like him have compiled about the Hidden Folk and the world they live in, similar to how Stand Still Stay Silent or Out-of-Placers or even GunRiot does, but it just doesn't.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I would MUCH rather a comic be too short than go on forever and be left incomplete (or drastically drop in quality, or both), and Pelen Purul is no exception, but I do feel confident in saying this comic is too short. I was hoping for the narrator to really dig in a bit more and analyze what Pelen was doing, as well as what was going on around her, much more heavily than he actually did. Like, well, a nature documentary would.

The ending is perfectly fine, albeit slightly anticlimactic, but I think the pacing of the whole comic is a bit too quick and it's most noticeable at the ending. I was expecting a tearful, exuberant, overwhelmingly relieved reunion once Pelen returned to her tribe, but there's a panel or two where some of her friends have a small get-together and that's kind of it. There's a lot of moments like these where it seems like the comic should have lingered a bit more.

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