Feels kinda ESL-y. There’s some conspicuous grammar mistakes that become increasingly obvious the more you read. They’re not awful or anything, but stuff like confusion of when to use do-support vs. have + past participle is enough to make it obvious that English isn’t exactly the author’s first tongue.

Anyway, this is a pretty good murder mystery. The islandfolk are all detached and aloof, like they’re scared to even talk about the murders, and combined with Henry DuPont’s single-minded determination it creates an excellent atmosphere.

I like how ruthless Henry is. At least at first, where he had no qualms about breaking into the police station and seemed to know the consequences of his actions. but then later when he gets arrested he syas ‘they actually put me in jail, I was only trying to help’, which, lame. Far too stuck-up and self-righteous for me.

Later chapters started to go downhill a bit in general, really - the murders are revealed to be linked to part of an ‘island legend’ and an occult ritual, and I thought that was dumb. I’ve seen that sort of plot in other muder mysteries and not only is it really cliche, I just don’t think it fits here. ESPECIALLY with the mysterious hints being purposefully left for the protagonist by some unknown individual or group. That’s like something you’d see out of Scooby-Doo, not what had up to that point been a very grounded story.

I would have really preferred it if this had kept the slice-of-life tone from earlier chapters. It combined solving the murder with that animal crossing feel of moving into a new town, fixing up your house, and getting to know everyone there, and I thought it was great. But, it’s not really what the author ended up doing, so.
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