Status: Sporadic
Genre: Sci-fi
A group of space aliens run illegal cargo for mafia bosses.

This is one of those sci-fi stories with lots of fantasy tech jargon, and they’re all references to things that aren’t explained. That's even before you get into all the fantasy politics jargon. So you get quotes like

“it was originally an onn-togga core mine. after they finished gutting these rocks for mavicite ore, they moved on and left the husts. We just found one and fixed it up with cyclic atmospehre and grav-field generators”

“The Jhondi were basically strong-armed by the unified worlds into opening their borders in exchange for help in building city-stations”

I mean... these sound like references to something.

The best part of this comic for me are the environments. All the sci-fi tech is really cool to look at. In fact, Runners is probably the most professional-looking webcomic I've seen. I can't stress enough how gorgeous it is. It's excellent, and it far outstrips the overwhelming majority of ACTUAL published comics out there. It's shocking to me that with the american comic industry in such dire straits, they insist on continuing to churn out cape dreck with constant crossovers, resets, and pandering to demographics that don't even read comics. Meanwhile, arists and writers as talented as this guy have to self-publish.

The story and characters are also all really compelling. I don't have too much to say about anyone in particular - there's no one here that I would dwell on long-term or any situation that I would cite as an example of particularly amazing character drama - but I was invested in everyone's individual character arcs as well as the wider story going on around them. I also really like the author notes below each page, the give a great mindset to how he views each page and his thought process and it makes me appreciate all the little details even more.

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