Turry is probably my favorite AI in all of sci-fi. More fascinating than HAL, more endearing than Cortana, more terrifying than AM. In fact he’s so good that he kind of overshadows the rest of the cast.

However, what really got me invested in Seed is how much trust it places in its readers. What I mean by this is that there are tons of moments in this comic where all sorts of important plot points are going on in the background but never directly stated, and realizing what's really happening drastically changes how the reader understands the story. For example, during one of my favorite moments in the whole comic, the scene where the officers come to search the house, proper setup and foreshadowing is presented that implies that DriveFree is attempting to frame Sam and make it look like he hijacked one of their cars so that they won't get sued or take a hit to their stock prices as a result of the bad press of having one of their cars nearly kill its rider. More, there are also implications through scenery, timing, and character behavior which implies that the private detectives are in on the plot to frame Sam, and were expecting to find a box in his home with compromising evidence in it planted there by DriveFree. So when they open the box, and instead of what they expected, find a strange mechanical device which explodes in their hands, they freak out and attempt to arrest Sam, because they're baffled and terrified that their plan's been leaked, which is why they don't believe Sam when he says he doesn't know what the contraption in the box was.

If you didn't pick up on all these signs, it looks like the police just changed their tune on a whim, refused to believe what he said for no discernable reason, and arrested him seemingly out of sheer stupidity and arrogance. And, reading a lot of the comments on Webtoons, it looks like lot of readers, maybe even most readers, DIDN'T pick up on them. But despite this, Seed refuses to dumb itself down and continues with even more of this excellent setup over the course of the story. That's what places it in a class of its own for me.

Unfortunately, the ending is terrible. There's no other way I can put it. It's incredibly unsatisfying and evaporates all the tension that had been built up beforehand. All the subtlety is thrown away in favor of a character literally explaining to Emma everything that's going on in one massive exposition dump. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the ultimate reveal clumsily given by this exposition is basically that Hayes is a complete moron. I almost could not believe how bad his plan to take down Symplex is - it's somehow even dumber than Sam's plan to kill Turry, because at least Sam's plan had a concrete end goal. Hayes's goal, if you can call it that, wasn't even to destroy Symplex, just humiliate it and get the public to watch it more closely. What??? Before this they were acting like if they didn't take down Symplex as fast as possible that the shareholders/board of directors were gonna destroy the whole world and remake it in their image. This doesn't break up their monopoly, doesn't get any sort of revenge for whatever murder they supposedly committed, and doesn't solve anything in the long-term. And, really??? They are trusting THE GOVERNMENT and THE PUBLIC to pay attention to Symplex - the same government that they both imply and specifically state Symplex has a financial death grip over, and the same public that is shown to be completely unfazed and complacent with Symplex's monopoly over the internet and by extension their entire lives. Even the reddit anarchists were more annoyed by Symplex's spy cameras than how deeply HIVE has become integrated into every facet of daily life.

A ton of other plot threads, such as the tools Turry was using to hide from Horus, are just sort of left hanging by the finale, and so many other things are never explained, including, but not limited to, why Hayes was in a coma at the start, how he was ousted from Symplex despite co-founding it, and even how he got ahold of Turry. The ending sucks, that's all there is to it. I couldn't even bring myself to read the brief epilogue. It's one of the worst finales I've ever seen and I'm only keeping it on here because the other 95% of the comic really is that good.

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