Made by the guy who did invader zim. If you’re a fan, you might notice a lot of easy-to-spot parallels between the two, like the ‘piggies’, the heavy industrial imagery, and the goth aesthetic in general.

If you couldn’t tell just by my preview pics, this comic is as goth as it gets. It absolutely nails that vibe of ‘grim, depressing, but beautiful nonetheless’ common to the goth subculture. Chapter 1 is my favorite because it’s so mid-2000’s, it hurts.

That one scene where Serenity’s mentor explains how to seperate what you really hate from things merely associated with what you hate I thought was really inspirational and has the potential to totally change how someone sees the world.

Ch. 2 and 3 have a lot more action, and, honestly, I really wasn’t a fan. The plot felt really contrived, and the action, although fine, didn’t really wow me like in other action comics like It’s a Hard Life. I think keeping more of that slice-of-life tone that Ch. 1 had would have worked better.

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