Status: Complete
Genre: Urban Fantasy
After a witch-in-training named Andromeda accidently turns her sister into a snake, she's given a strict deadline of two weeks to learn how to change her back.

This is a cute little comic. I think most people who have an older sibling will probably find it easy to relate to Andromeda, constantly being compared, with a lot of pressure to live up to him or her, or alternatively to succeed where he or she failed. It can lead to a lot of jealousy and frustration and really harm sibling relationships, and I think Serpent-dipity does a great job portraying that. It’s pretty heartwarming seeing Andromeda come to understand her sister’s point of view better, what she experienced while she was in school, and the pressures her family put on her as the eldest child.

I also enjoy how Andromeda handles bullies. She’s not amazing at bully deterrance or anything, but she never backs down or shows weakness, which is essential when confronting such people. I’ve seen so many comics where the author tries to draw sympathy for the main character by having them fold in on themselves in a haze of self-pity when being bullied. That tactic doesn’t work on me, I always end up disliking the victim more than I do the agressors. I suppose its due to differences in personal values.

It’s interesting to see a magical school that’s less ‘hogwarts’ and more ‘real-world boarding school’. I actually prefer that, hogwarts as a setting is very cool but also very stupid when you stop to think about it for more than 5 minutes, so this helps to ground the reality Andromeda lives in and makes her situation feel more believable.

Although, that said, you’d think there would be an element of body horror with Jane being turned into a snake so suddenly, but no, she mostly takes it in stride. In fact, Andromeda’s situation seems to be taken much more lightly than it feels like it should. I mean, spending two weeks as a snake, instead of just hiring a witch proficient in transmutation to do it right away - that seems really unfair to Jane, and extremely dangerous considering everything that could potentially go wrong in the process of transmutation. But Jane seems mildly annoyed more than anything, and it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal in general. Maybe I just think about Animorphs too much.
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