This one I’m putting on the list only very begrudgingly.

You know how in Godzilla films, everyone wants to see the monster fights, but they have to pad out the film with human segments because the budget for a film focusing entirely on the monster just isn’t there?

That’s the End. The aliens in this comic are insanely cool. The Fi’ah are reptilian avian pacifists, the Ith are a society of authoritarian psychics divided into caste by ability, the Hlurcht are these weird sluggy creatures that run financial empires throughout the stars, and there are space stations crawling with even wilder designs.

But, half the comic or more is spent focusing on the humans, who SUCK. They SUCK. I mean it, they’re miserable to read about. These people wandered onto an ALIEN ship and have been mistakenly transported to another star system, having everything they thought they knew about reality shattered in the process, and yet all they do is bitch and moan. They’re so full of themselves that they actually think they can fool the hyper-advanced aliens who wield technology beyond their comprehension the aliens are not fooled and so stupid that they think wandering out into a space station full of other aliens they know nothing about and have specifically been told are dangerous, is a good idea.

I think the moment that really sealed them as ‘irredeemable’ for me was when, despite being caught up in an intricate political scheme involving the Ith, they decide not to go back home, because the Ith are tolerant of homosexual relationships, and they would rather be in space than dealing with ‘homophobic relatives at the dinner table’. Yes, you read that right. They would rather live in a rigid, caste-based, alien empire that takes all the worst elements of hinduism and fascism and mixes them together into a society so dystopic it feels like it’s actively trying to one-up the Imperium of Man, than listen to their relatives spout political opinions they don’t agree with on a handful of holidays that come a few times a year at most. Good God.

I mean, yes, people like this do exist, and if you want to find them, a geek convention isn’t a bad place to look. But… why? Why would you have these insufferable morons serve as the protagonists?

Well, probably because it seems to be a trend. If you’re read some of my other articles, you’ll know I have a particular disdain for Korra, for the exact same reasons I don’t like the humans here. Spoiled rotten, sheltered, belligerant, self-righteous, hypocritical, and completely full of herself. But Korra and the humans from this comic, it seems, were just ahead of the game. Shredded Nerd has a great video exploring this phenomenon in writing, and while I don’t want to say anything mean about this comic’s author, I have to wonder what kind fo background he has that this sort of behavior is considered normal or ‘somewhat quirky’ at worst.

Yet… in spite of all this, I can’t bring myself to unsubscribe from the RSS feed. I want to see what happens next, I want to learn more about the Fi’ah and Ith. I want to see what the ultimate fallout of them learning about Earth’s existence will be.

I will tentatively say this is a good comic. But if Stand Still Stay Silent embodied the ᚻ rune, this comic embodies the ᚦ rune. Reader discretion is advised.

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