The Property of Hate is basically “Alice in Wonderland” with the very imaginatively named "Hero" playing the part of Alice, but the stakes are a lot higher here. In fact they’re so high it feels more like Alice in Wonderland crossed with The Neverending Story, which makes me appreciate it a lot more than if it was just a wacky dream adventure.

Now I could talk about how creative the art and creature designs are, or about the worldbuilding, or any number of this comic's endless positives, but instead I'm gonna talk about Hero herself, cause dang if she doesn't deserve that title. I want to stress that she has all of these incredible qualities despite being like 10 years old at most.

>Put off, cautious, and fascinated, but isn't scared of a man with a TV for a head randomly materializing in her room
>When she does get absolutely terrified, she still manages to stand her ground to a certain extent and not immediately break down screaming and crying
>Gets stabbed through the heart by the physical manifestation of her own darkest fears and OVERCOMES IT
>Walks for dozens of miles with only minimal complaining
>Incredibly observant and smart and figures out solutions to puzzles that leaves even RGB stumped
>Watches RGB transform into a dark monster that annihilates a small army of eldritch abominations all at once, then after he passes out she DRAGS HIM FOR MILES ACROSS OPEN PLAIN TO GET HIM TO SHELTER
>Street smart in addition to regular smart and has an innate instinct about who she should and shouldn't trust given her situation
>Angry that RGB won’t take her back home so she takes him prisoner by trapping him in a ball and chain
>After RGB gets banished from the marketplace she is given legal custody of him by its leaders and is given the official title of custodian
>”What do heroes do to monsters?” “SAVE THEM!”
>Loves bugs and rushed up to give a giant preying mantis a big hug because bugs are cool
>Walked through A SANDSTORM to save RGB’s life for a THIRD time even though she still doesn’t fully trust him
>On top everything I just said, she's a massive tomboy. (I like tomboys)

She’s also very believable and always acts like how an actual kid would act. There's one point where she gets this big fluffy sweater, and pulls it down over her knees and boots to form a kind of shield. I actually used to do that all the time with my sweaters as a kid! So cute! She might be one of my favorite characters ever.

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