I can't really think of any flaws with this comic, it's just good. I would have like the ending to linger a little longer to show how the empire fully collapses, but it's not a huge deal.

One thing I have to say, though - the Sahtans are by far the least interesting part of the setting. I mean, with the Fluters, they're these crazy alien-looking people who hunt even crazier looking animals across a seemingly infinite prarie. Then you got the Grish, who are these superstitious lizard people who are born with distinctive markings that they use in combat rituals to channel their gods. The Surin are these blue humanoids who worship the chemical properties of a flower which produces a helium-like drug called 'unweight', and they have floating cities and boats and all sorts of cool things. Then you got the WAR-MEN, who are these mute, faceless giants who have a culture based entirely around battle. And then you got the Sahtans, who are... anthropomorphic dogs with a culture and aesthetic copy-pasted from Constantine-era Rome.

I know the whole point of the story is the harm that imperialism causes and how dreary it makes life, but for me personally, I've seen so many fantasy story with imperialistic empires based off Rome or China that I'm sick of it. Plus I started guessing really early on where the story was gonna go, since Vattu draws so much from Arminius, and for the most part I guessed correctly. I hate Rome and Roman culture as much as anyone, but if the Sahtans had never shown up, and the whole story was just about the of life a nomadic tribe of aliens in a seemingly infinite grassland, this would probably be one of my favorite comics ever. As it stands, though, it's just 'very good'.

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